If you have no idea what to budget for your new pool, please have some fun with our free pool pricing calculator below.Use this calculator as a rough estimate tool only. 

Yard Characteristics

Do you think we can we access your yard with a large dump truck (approximately 13' wide) if we take down a portion of your fence? If an existing retaining wall, property boundary or severe slope may prevent that type of access, choose 'No' and we will simply use smaller equipment.


Estimate the slope of the yard in the area where the pool will be built:

Do we need to haul away anything such as tree stumps or an existing concrete patio?

Pool Basics

Estimate the size of pool you would like (the longest points in water).

What maximum depth would you like?

Include a spa and heater?

Would you like the spa raised higher than the pool?

Which type of pool?

Which type of Coping?

Which type of tile on the waterline?

Deck Options

Estimate the amount of concrete decking you would like around the pool.

Which type of concrete decking?


Boulder Waterfall

Upgraded Pool Lighting?

Flagstone Beach Entry?

Decorative Raised Pool Wall?

Diving Board?


Salt System or Ozone?

Wireless Remote?

In-Floor Cleaning System?(Please note: a Polaris cleaner is included in our basic pool package.This option is indicating a built-in floor head cleaning system)

Negative Edge

Water Features such as bubbler fountains or deck jets