Outdoor Design Ideas: 4 Patio Paver Patterns

Patio Paver PatternsYou’re ready for the outdoor dinners, gatherings with friends and family, enhanced space and value a patio can add to your home. But when it comes to how you want your patio to look, you’re not as certain about that.

There are several design options when it comes to your backyard patio, so you just have to figure out what matches your style, home’s exterior, needs and budget the best.

Once you know where you want to install the patio, you can start figuring out what you want it to look like. You’ve got a few choices when it comes to the appearance, and that starts with the paver pattern.

Do you want something that makes a hardscape statement, or would you rather have a pattern that blends in and makes other features the main focal points? Luckily, there are different paver patterns to meet just about any want and need. (You can even use them to create custom murals if you want to get really fancy.)

Check out four of the most popular patio paver patterns you can use in your outdoor space to see which one will work best.

Running Bond Pattern1 Running Bond Pattern

The most common pattern, running bond is a simple design with pavers laid side by side, creating lines of pavers. It’s ideal for smaller outdoor areas and also when you want a patio to seamlessly connect to your home.

The running bond pattern will help draw attention to other features in your backyard because of its uncomplicated design. Although it’s the simplest of the four feature paver patterns, that also means it will cost the least to install. The fewer cuts and customizations, the less it will cost.

Circular Pattern2 Circular Pattern

Perfect as a centerpiece or mixed with other patterns, the circular pattern is created from installing rows of pavers in a circular shape. You can pair it with other patio paver patterns like herringbone or basket weave to make a stunning statement.

It’s especially good for breaking up large spaces of pavers with some visual interest and curvy design. You can also use a different paver material or color in the circular pattern to further amplify the look of the design and make the pattern stand out.

If you are installing a fire pit to go with your patio, you could use a circular paver pattern around it to amplify the shape even more. The pattern also doesn’t have to be a full circle: You can create a half or quarter circle to go around structures.

Herringbone Pattern3 Herringbone Pattern

Named for its resemblance to bones of a fish (like the herring), the herringbone pattern alternates directions to create a V shape. It’s especially ideal for medium- to large-sized entertainment spaces.

This patio paver pattern can help add character and visual interest to your backyard, without being too busy. It’s also good for walkways because of the pattern’s durability, so you can also use it for walkways in and around your patio space.

To really make it stand out, you can enclose the herringbone pattern with a single or double row of pavers, depending on its size. The border can also incorporate another paver material or color for a true contrast.

Basket Weave Pattern4 Basket Weave Pattern

If you’re going for a vintage or historic look, the basket weave pattern might be the answer. As the name suggests, the pavers in this pattern alternate in a weaving pattern with horizontal and vertical pairs.

There are a few variations on the basket weave pattern, including double, box and single styles, so you can really make it your own. It’s especially popular with older, more established homes, although you can liven it up with the materials you use.

Pair Materials with Patio Paver Patterns

The type of paver material you choose can also help you decide which pattern will look the best in your space. There are a range of paver materials to choose from — including brick, stone and concrete — and each comes in a variety of colors.

So, you can personalize your patio to match your style and home. And our team at Landscape Professionals can help you create the perfect patio and outdoor space.

We’ll show you different patio design and material options, and bring those designs to life with our quality services. We can also install other features around your patio including fire pits, water features, retaining walls and other hardscapes.

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